do you know of any good harmony fanfictions for when they're actually at school?:)

There are tons out there, the best place to look would be here as all the Hogwarts-Era stories that are on HPFF will be listed there.  

Always Been →

After all, she isn’t yours to have. She isn’t yours to hold. She isn’t yours to want. She isn’t yours to love. But you do so, anyway. You’ve always been stubborn.

The Two Left Behind - thegreybeyond →

In the dead of winter, two friends continue their hunt for something they may never find.

Asleep →

A prophecy made on the eve of the Final Battle caused Hermione to leave London on the night she’s finally together with Harry. Now, five years later, she’s back. She’s ready to reconnect with the people she left behind and introduce Harry to someone he should have met years ago. But a new evil has followed her to London and he’ll do anything to get her back.

Unlike A Sister by Michelle AD

Nineteen years ago, Harry told Ron he saw Hermione as his sister. Now, Hermione is in danger and Harry’s feelings for her begin to change dramatically, jeopardizing everything he once knew. An epilogue compliant fic. Rated M for sex and language.

I don’t care how many times I rec this fic because it’s brilliant and if you are reading it then you are doing something wrong.

Notebooks and Letters by chem prof

The ‘true’ version of Books 5, 6, and 7, as told by Hermione to her daughter years later, using her old journals and letters between her and Harry.

Out Of The Shadows by fall shadow

Harry has been raised to follow a path of darkness, but when he meets Hermione things start to change and he finds out everything he has been led to believe is a lie. Now, with a strengthened resolve, he must do whatever it takes to stop the one he once considered his master


For The First Time by 

Harry has never belonged anywhere. He was a wizard and a muggle, a halfblood. He has always been unique and where everybody else says ‘special’, he replies, quietly in his own heart, ‘alone’. HP/HG.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy by 

Post-Hogwarts, AU after Book 6. Harry and Hermione find themselves at loose ends over the holidays and choose to celebrate together. By the end they’ll have much more to celebrate.